Monday, July 25, 2011

(never home)maker: Baked Flatbread with Sweet Onions, Collards, and Brie

I just found this recipe-(never home)maker: Baked Flatbread with Sweet Onions, Collards, and Brie-and it looks really good! I think I will try it soon.

We will substitute a vegan cheese in place of the brie, however.

Surf on over and check out this fantastic blog!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Celebrating Animal Freedom Day

Tomorrow, I will be celebrating Animal Freedom Day . Animal Freedom Day is a day of showing our appreciation for animals by not consuming animal products. Since my boyfriend and I are vegans, this is our way of life every day; however, Animal Freedom Day asks everyone to honor animals in this way, just for one weekend.

Though I normally don't push my veganism on others, I think it is always a good idea to take time out to stop and think about where our food comes from. The choices we make every day, both in our food and in other areas of life, have a huge impact on the rest of the planet. I don't have to see the conequences of my actions to know they exist. Perhaps taking some time to think about this will give people some new insight.

Happy Animal Freedom Day!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quiet Holidays.

Here at the Little Stone House, we don't make a huge, big deal of holidays.  Any holidays.  We observe, and we get together with our families sometimes, but generally speaking, those days are just like weekend days to us. They are for sleeping in, for getting things done that have had to wait, maybe for venturing out to do something fun we've put off.

If I feel inclined, I might spend a little time praying or meditating or journaling about something relevant to the holiday in question, but for the most part, the day is ours.

When I was younger, the thrill of deciding where the best Fourth of July show would be and fighting the crowds to find just the right spot with my friends was something I looked forward to each year.  This year, however, not so much.  Over time, my home town--a really great spot for fireworks! They put on a wonderful show!--has become more and more crowded in general, and now on the Fourth or around the time of the County Fair, you can barely move or breathe in town.  It's horrible and has sucked the fun right out of these events.   When I lived in my previous home, we were close enough to walk, so it was still pretty fun.  Now, we're just a bit out of reach for that.

This Fourth of July, my boyfriend and I spent the weekend working on our house and on various projects. On Monday the Fourth, we went hiking and stream wading in a nearby state park.  It was wonderful, and it was for a good cause.  The friend with whom we went out is preparing to do a nature walk and presentation on aquatic life for some local homeschool children.  We were helping him test out his equipment and scope out the best and most accessible spots for capturing water critters.  It was a hot day, but not too unpleasant.  The water felt amazing.   I got home exhausted but very relaxed and happy and spent a wonderful evening chilling with my boyfriend, the cats, and a favorite TV show.

We didn't have to fight any crowds, endure excessive, loud noises, or navigate around any obnoxious drunks. Now to me, that is freedom!  

Did I miss the fireworks? Sure I did, but this was not my last opportunity to see them.  :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Blog post by a colleague on cat massage.

I was just going through my email, and I came across this great, little post about cat massage. If you are a cat owner who wants to do a little something extra for your cat, this is worth checking out.

The writer is a member of one of the Street Teams with whom I am involved on Etsy, but I did not post this in order to promote my business or anyone else's. I posted this, because this sort of thing is right in line with what I'm trying to do at The Little Stone House. I want my cats' lives to be just as simple and content as mine and my boyfriend's.

I'd also like to note that I've been interested in learning Tellington Touch for a very long time (since my teen years!) but have never followed through. Maybe I will, one day...