Monday, February 20, 2012

No Waste Sofa Cushion Refurb!

My boyfriend and I had a (very rare) free weekend recently.  Part of this weekend, naturally, was spent attending to our Little Stone House.  This project was his idea--I simply did not think of it--and it was a great one!

We desperately needed new pillows!

We ended up going with regular, nothing-fancy, decently thick and firm pillows from our local discount store (not Wal-Mart!)   The only thing special about them, besides the fact that they are oh-so-comfy and have vastly improved my sleep, is that they are 100% organic cotton with a completely recycled stuffing.  We spent less than $40 for four of them.  Naturally, I immediately added the bags in which they came to the stash of garbage bags.  They will end up in the trash, sadly, as there appears to be no way to recycle this type of plastic bag through our county; however, they will get a second life as trash bags, at least.

Since I'm normally very busy all the time--not just on weekends--things just don't occur to me.  My boyfriend (most of the time) is the idea man.  I usually just help to execute these plans, and then I blog about them.  Neither one of us wanted to throw the old pillows away, and they were old and well-used enough that I did not feel that donating them or using them in my crafts would be a good idea.  My boyfriend pointed out that our couch cushions were in really sorry shape, and wouldn't it be cool if we were to recycle the old pillows by using the stuffing to bulk up the couch cushions?  *BINGO!*


We did just that.  I brought my sewing kit down to the living room, and we hunkered down with old pillows, couch cushions, and curious cats.  (Alas, we were unable to enlist the cats' help, though they kept us company quite nicely!)  We have four cushions that will be rejuvenated in this way. Yesterday, we did the first two.  I ripped a seam on each of the cushions, he stuffed them, I sewed them back up, and then he wrestled them back into their covers.  (I gave it a try and was just not able to get them to go back in.)

The project worked out very well!  We now have two (and soon four) pretty much new couch cushions!


 I did say this was a Zero Waste project, and it was.  The covers from the old pillows were cut off, cut up into pieces, and washed.  They will be reused as rags.  We have a lot of rags already, but some are too small, worn out, "ucky," etc., so I will be going through and getting rid of some via our local transfer station.  My county takes fabric for recycling, so the scraps of thread, the old rags, and assorted other items will be taken over there shortly.

I hope that you've enjoyed reading about our little project, and I hope to bring you more.  The truth is that he really is not the only ideas person where this sort of thing is concerned.  The actual truth is that he is better at executing them than I am.  I will come up with things and say "Oh!  We should do that," but I tend to get busy or sidetracked rather easily.  Kudos to him for keeping me on track! 

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