Sunday, March 11, 2012

Low-Waste, No-Cost Cat Furniture Repair! (Part 1)

We have a large cat tree next to our sliding glass.  It's a favorite spot for our kitties to catch some rays and "hunt" birds, but as you can see from the photos...

It's in serious need of repair.  I was hoping to start on this project today, but I'm running behind. At most, I may be able to strip off some of the old carpeting.  The new carpeting was reclaimed from my parents' house, as they are wrapping up some massive renovations.  The Liquid Nails has been in our toolbox for a long time, left over from a previous project.  This project, like the last one, will cost us nothing and will produce very little trash.  (Any scraps of the old carpeting will be recycled via our county.)

The interesting piece will be keeping the cats away from the gluey-bits.

I will share more as I get started on the job, and of course there will be "after" pictures!

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