Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Quick Word on Videos I Post...

I have posted a couple of videos to this blog recently, and today when someone brought up an issue with one of them, I realized something about the other:  The more recent video is accessible (captioned).  The previous one is not.  First, I want to apologize for that, but secondly, I want to thank this person for even bringing the issue with the more recent video up.

I am a hearing person whose partner is deaf.  I enjoy watching videos, and I sometimes share them; however, when I share on social media other than blogs, I am very attentive and make sure to share only videos that are accessible or to make it known that captions are not necessary (videos with no music or speech.)  I have not done that here, and for that I am sorry.

Though this is not a deaf culture blog, I should know better as someone who lives with a deaf person, has deaf friends, and who is starting to explore deaf culture..  From now on, I will only share videos that are accessible. (You may even see ASL videos--captioned ones--from time to time!)

Today's minor mix-up and realization were a very good lesson to me in sensitivity and in living and moving in awareness.  I am grateful for that!

All of that said, it irritates me greatly that more effort is not made by people making videos to make sure that they are subtitled or captioned.  When I watch ASL videos, I am very grateful to those who caption them.  They are demonstrating inclusion. Why can't the hearing world do that?

I have never made a video myself, but I want to say that if and when I ever do, I will make sure to make it accessible.

Thanks for reading and for teaching me today!

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