Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Today has been an emotional one.  There's a lot going on in my social circles and at work.  It was one of those days where self-doubt can start to eat at you as you question things you have been or are being told. It was not a good day.

Then, I got home, and this is what we had for dinner.  All from our garden.  This is one beet, one carrot, one regular tomato, and of course the cherry tomatoes, which are plainly visible.  (This was all accompanied by a batch of homemade,raw hummus.)

Even though some of the plants we were hoping would take for us didn't, our garden is providing us with a lot of food.  We did not finish all of this.  It will serve us for at least one more meal, and we didn't even touch the carrot and beet greens!  I'm truly thankful.

As for the other stuff--the "not food"--I'm working it out.  I reached out to friends and to coworkers (two separate sets of issues.)  I expressed that I care very much about everyone involved.  I worked hard to remain neutral, but I let important people in my life know I have their backs. I gave a friend a ride home.  Best of all, my boyfriend got some very good news today.

August has been a magical month this year, that much is for sure.

Many blessings!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Scientific Argument Against Animal Testing

In this video, Dr. Andre Menache, a veterinarian puts forth a concise and well-stated scientific argument against animal experimentation.

(Note:  You have to turn the captions on, but the captions work properly.  Whoever captioned this video did a good job.)

As an animal welfare advocate, I am pleased to see more and more material like this becoming available.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Acceptance and Giving Thanks

This is the time of year when I give thanks.  Beyond spending time with family and eating a whole lot, I don't actually celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in November.  My Thanksgiving celebration occurs August 1, the time at which some cultures celebrate the first harvest and look toward preparing for Winter.  This is timely, as I have recently had ample reason for giving thanks.

I was recently discussing some of my health concerns with my doctor, and she commented, "Wow. You're so easy!"  What she meant was that she was amazed at how I tend to simply accept information and don't generally get rattled. Some of the stuff we were discussing had huge implications.  My response was that I feel a strong connection to Nature, and that as one of Her creatures, I trust that She knows what she is doing.  I explained that, if things did go a certain way, I would definitely have a reaction--a rather emotional one--but that I just tend to accept outcomes.  This is life.  I trust in its flow.  (I am happy to report that, for now, things did not go in that direction!  Everything is fine!)  She found this fascinating.

I am also able to accept things, I think, because for all my complaining (and I do complain a lot, but you, dear readers, won't hear most of it!)  I am really quite blessed.  I have a home.  I have an income with which to support myself. I have a wonderful family, both chosen and biological.  I am surrounded by good people, and in a lot of ways, I am rich.

Normally, at this time, I set aside a day to do some mindful cooking. One year, I was fortunate enough to be able to do this all with produce personally gifted to me and my family.  Let me tell you:  That was probably the tastiest veggie/pasta soup I have ever made!  This year's been a little hectic, and I've had the aforementioned health issues to deal with.  That said, we still managed to spend time with people we love, and everyone came away feeling well nourished.

Many blessings!