Monday, April 1, 2013

Garden and Home Update: Early Spring

This is an older photo.
It looks like Spring has finally decided to start unfolding here in Maryland. As you can see by the fact that I've used an older photo, I have not been out to take photos in our garden yet this year.  Truth be told, there's nothing to photograph just yet.  Just beds and buckets of compost.
My boyfriend has started out by planting some carrots, collards, and chard.  We are just finishing up the last of our carrots and beets from last year.  They are a little woody, but they taste wonderful. :)  The kohlrabi from last year hung on, too, and I've been using the greens.
This year, he is experimenting with using fruit-only compost.  I don't know that there's any goal to that, other than to see how it works out. He's been out collecting mulch already at least once. (I still owe you all the post I have on that!)
Since the weather has been so weird, he's been focusing his efforts inside the house.  We are doing some remodelling, and he is doing it all himself!  (I have not been helping out, only because the rooms he's been working on so far--our two bathrooms--are too small for two people!)  I help out with design and with purchasing the supplies and fixtures, but he's been doing the grunt work.  (I didn't have to ask him--he just decided to do it!)  I think the next room on our agenda is the bedroom. 
The studio will come later, and that's going to be a lot more complicated and will probably take a long time.  He wants to put in what he is calling a floating floor.  (If you search the Internet for the definition, you will not come up with what he means.)  What he means by the term is he wants to build a floor a few inches above the existing floor in our studio, so that the power cords from his equipment (he is an electronic musician) can be stored "off the floor".  The floor would have a couple of hatches, through which we'd access the space.  We don't have a timetable for when we will start that work. It should make things very "interesting" in our tiny house for a few weeks! LOL!
I've been focusing on keeping the house in order and on getting some items made for my upcoming craft show season.  Spring/early summer is going to be busy for me!
Once we have some new growth and more planted, I'll make a more detailed update--with pictures!
Happy Spring!

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