Saturday, April 13, 2013

Garden Update-With Pictures!

The garden is going in pretty well, now that the weather has warmed up.  It looks a bit weedy, because it's in progress.  Some beds have not yet been cleaned up and planted.  Right now, we have parsley, peppers (in the pots on the fence), tomatoes, and carrots in.  (By "in", I mean they've been planted.)

The tall, scraggly things in the center of this photo are our 2nd year kohlrabi plants.  We don't have a plan for them, other than to eat the greens.  I don't think we are saving seeds.  Eventually, we will finish the greens up, and they will be cleared out, possibly for a new crop. 

The brick planter in the corner contains sage.  I believe it's three years old now.  We have been using it to make smudging wands.  (There's just so much, and you can only dry so much for cooking!) We may end up selling some of it, if we end up with too much.

This is a bag of mulch, not cat food.  We give as many plastic bags as we can as many lives as we can.  Some have lasted us years.

The bed in the foreground is the carrot bed.  They had to be replanted, because the first batch of seeds did not sprout.  It may have been too cold when they were planted.  We don't know.  Now that it's warmed up, hopefully we will end up with a bumper crop!

The bed in the background is the tomato bed.  There were eight planted in all.  The variety we planted is purple! (Sadly, I do not remember the name.)


I'm sure there will be more updates as the year goes on.  The story may not change all that much, because we are about where we need to be with our core crops--the plants we will plant most often--but Nature is full of surprises.

The only other development is  that the boards that we were using to block out the chemicals are rotting, so they need to be redone, but they will be.  As organic growers, we do not want any chemicals or residue on our plants!

That's all I've got for now.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring!

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