Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Times are Tough

The photo accompanying this post is not meant to make any kind of political statement.  I simply feel it is appropriate for illustrating the content of this post.

Times are getting tough at the Little Stone House. You see, back in December, I lost my full time job.  I have some severance, but that will run out in mid April.  My insurance will end at the end of April.  I will go on unemployment.  I am hoping to start picking up work, but it's tough out there!

My boyfriend and I are preparing the best we can. Luckily, he still has an income, so he'll be able to help out with the bills; however, things will be tight.

We can make some small cuts, and having our little garden will help.  Our tendency to thrift, recycle, and barter will also help to some extent.  I will be putting any found money (unexpected windfalls, tax refunds, etc.) that I can into savings to try and keep my cushion going (It's not a large one. Hopefully I can grow it.)

Even though the job market is really tough right now, for some reason, I am not terribly worried.  I'm simply doing the best I can.  I am hoping to piece together a living from temp work, freelance work, and selling stuff.  I need flexibility in my life right now, due to some health issues in my family, and I feel that, as long as I have a little more than enough to cover the mortgage and bills, I will be OK.  I am not as frightened by my job loss as I would have been in earlier years.

I am volunteering, taking some time to care for myself, and trying to pursue some creative projects.

I really think it will be OK...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear this, Jen. Hang in there. I hope something comes along for you soon.--Erin

JLynnPro said...

Thanks, Erin! I appreciate the support. I really think things will be OK. We'll feel the pinch for a while, but I see us getting through this.