Sunday, June 1, 2014

Ready to Get a Little Personal

I have commented once or twice in the lifetime of this blog that I try to avoid getting too personal on my public blogs.  Well, I think I'm ready to, mainly because it will explain the sporadic nature of my postings here.  Truth is, I love this and my other blogs, and I feel terrible when I can't share my photos, tips, and insights with my wonderful  readers!

Despite the fact that I lost my full time job back in December of 2013 and still have not gotten back to work full time, I find that I don't often have a lot of time or energy to sit down at the computer.  Creating blog posts--regardless of the content--takes more time and concentration than people think.  I don't have a lot of either.  The good news is that, recently, I have started temping part time.  I'm going to continue to try and work just part time for a while--at least the next three months or so.  I both prefer it personally, and I am in need of more flexibility due to some family issues.  As long as I get enough hours and the rate of pay is high enough, part time work is adequate.

My life's journey (and indeed those of my other family members!) has taken a rather serious turn, starting last summer.  Last summer, my dad passed away.  My time since then has been spent helping my mom adjust to her new life.  It has gone pretty smoothly until recently, when she started to have some serious health issues of her own.  I was at my mom's home the whole month of February and for a few weeks from March into April.  That was hard, as I was managing the Little Stone House from a distance.  My partner is a real trooper, though, and he kept things running and took care of our cats.

Currently, my mom is recovering from a very serious surgical procedure.  Prior to that (it took place on Wednesday), she had been living with my sister back in my home county.  I have been managing Mom's house, as well as my own.  Once a week, my partner and I go to my mom's and stay overnight.  Her dogs are with a pet sitter, but we opted to leave her cat at home.  Mom has told me she would want me to go to the house once a week anyway, so after deliberating with the pet sitter (she thinks being at home is better for the cat), we spend time with the cat and refresh her food and water.  It's working out OK so far.  The cat is fine.  I would know pretty quickly if that changed.

As for Mom, her recovery will be long.  She will continue to live with my sister until we, Mom, and her doctors determine that she can return to her home.  I have my own feelings about this, but the bottom line is that, if she can't return to her home, we will deal with that as a family.  For now, we are all being just as positive as we can be, and Mom is very strong.

Through all of this, my job search and my volunteer activities continue.  My volunteer job is sporadic, which makes it easier to fit it in, and the project will end in September.   If the sequence of events with my family had been different, I may not have taken it on at all, but I'm glad that I did.  It has been fun, it has been enriching, and it will look good on my resume.  I have even applied for some temporary, paid work with the organization!

Finally, my little adoptee has come back to us, I'm sorry to say.  :(  The couple did adopt her, and they had her for a month.  They tried really hard to make things work, but they just could not.  Marbles has a very strong personality, and she bullied their other cat very badly.  She traumatized her, I'm sorry to say.  After a lot of back and forth and trying different things, I agreed to take Marbles back, so now our household is back to seven kitties.  The timing is not good, considering my financial situation, but we are making it work.  My partner is in contact with the person who adopted him his cat, and I have fliers I can hang.  We will try one more time to adopt her out, but if that doesn't stick, she will become a permanent Little Stone House Kitty.  I want her to have a good life, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!  She does OK with our other cats, but she's definitely got a lot of energy and is pretty territorial, so she probably will be best off as an only cat.

As you can see, I am dealing with a lot.  I'm also learning a lot, though, which is what's important, and I'm not losing heart.  Life is hard right now, but it is also rewarding in many, many ways, and I'm still counting my blessings.


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