Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Raw Stuffed Peppers

 Raw stuffed peppers

I made these just last week, and I have to say that, although my boyfriend and I originally wrinkled our brows at the recipe, these tasted very, very good.  I also learned that the recipes in the book I chose to use mostly only serve one person.  (Well, that or we're not used to the portions recommended yet.)  Next time, I will double the recipe.

The recipe is very simple.  In fact, I'm finding that most raw recipes are pretty simple.  The base is sunflower seeds, celery, herbs and spices, and flax meal (I didn't have any, so I just used flax seeds and ground them the best I could with a mortar and pestle.)  Oh--and lime juice.  We don't have a food processor yet, so I blended the filling in a blender.  The idea was not to liquefy it, but to make it "lumpy", like a regular stuffed pepper stuffing would be.

When using any nuts or seeds as a base in a raw recipe, they must be soaked (how long depends on the nut or seed used.  The sunflower seeds soaked for about eight hours) first, so that they are soft enough to process.  Pulling the ingredients together and chopping them (pre-processing) and preparing them can be time consuming, but actually putting the dish together took less than half an hour.

This particular filling was very reminiscent of tuna salad, of all things, so if I ever decide I want a vegan version of that, I have a good place to start!  (Not likely, as tuna was not my favorite, even back when I was eating meat.)

This process was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and the result tasted much better.  I used to think that "eating raw" just meant fruits/veggies, but now I get it. Maybe it's because I'm easily bored or because I consider myself a foodie, but I get raw "cuisine" now.  Fun!   

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