Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Surprising Color Choice

Once upon a time, in a relationship far, far away, I had a room in my home that was painted black.  When my ex first suggested it, I worried.  It's not that I have any issue with the color, black.  Indeed, I love black!  I wear and use it frequently (but not at the Little Stone House. It wouldn't fit with our current design.)

Rather, I worried that the room would look dingy and dirty--that dirt would show up too much.  I worried that the room would feel too small.  (We used it in a large room, which was a smart move.)  I worried, also about its effect on both our moods and on any visitors we had.

Still, us both being artists, another part of me thought it was a really cool idea, so we went ahead with it, and you know what? It was really, really cool!  The art we hung on the walls really popped.  The room did not seem smaller at all, despite the fact that it did not get a lot of direct sunlight.  In fact, it gave the room a very pleasant, calming feel.  It became our "cave".  (It was the master bedroom.) 

I felt like a queen whenever I spent time in that room, and I slept deeply.

What I would say from my own experience with using the color, black, in my home is to use it wisely.  Make sure the room gets outdoor light, because without some light coming in from outside, it can feel oppressive and depressing.  Use it in larger rooms.  Furnishings should coordinate, if not completely match, because a black room can feel messy or weird without something to give it cohesion.  Even using art pieces that complement one another will help.

Where we are now, and possibly in the next house, I don't see us using black, but it was fun to have a black room.  It certainly led to a lot of interesting conversations, but it also inspired a lot of writing and art on my and my ex's part.  If you feel like you have a home that could accommodate black, go for it!

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