Monday, August 3, 2015


Future cat bathroom

This space is much father along now.  It was previously storage.  Now, it's going to be a cat bathroom.  The back of the room is drywall now--under about the fifth step, and there is a bulkhead around the vent you see on the left.  This will protect the ventilation system from the cats.  At this point, the room has been drywalled and painted, and there is a door on it.  There are also four cat doors along the right had side, so the cats can get in and out easily.  It's a large enough space to contain all of our cat boxes, and we are switching to all underbed storage boxes for the cat boxes, so they will have plenty of space.  The wall on the left will be tiled up about 2 feet, using our leftover tiles from the Little Stone House.  We will also tile the sides and bottoms of the four cat doors. The floor will also be durable and infinitely cleanable.  We are putting in either LVT or having the concrete floor stained and sealed.  (We are awaiting quotes before we decide.  We'd like to opt for the former and laminate, but we're financially constrained.)

Having all of the boxes in once space will keep the smell down, and at the same time, it will make cleaning up easier. Since it's still open to the rest of the space via the cat doors, it will not be a neglected space.  I think they'll be happy with it!


Dog Pen Panel

Another project we (mostly my boyfriend) are working on is building a dog pen for my mom's dogs.  The county where we will be living has passed and is now enforcing a leash law.  After a lot of Internet research, my guy designed the structure this will become.

As I am writing this, the pen is much farther along.  It's about halfway done, and it is huge.  The pen is 24 x 64'!  It's just the boards with coated wire tacked to the inside.  It stands 8' high.  We are hoping we'll be able to bring the dogs home soon, but we can't until the pen is completed.


Laundry Rack

The last project we (he) have going is a laundry rack.  I asked if he'd put up a clothesline for me, but he suggested and designed this instead.  Instead of being a permanent structure, it will hook onto a railing of our porch and hang out over the side of the porch.  It can be moved to catch the best sunlight, or it can be removed altogether and put away.  Unfortunately, it does not fold away, and it's pretty large.  We'll have to keep it on the enclosed porch or in the garage.  At this point, it's just awaiting a clear coat and the actual lines.  I'm hoping it will be finished soon.

The basement is being done by contractors, so I can't claim that as one of our projects, but we designed it, from the layout down to the placement of the lighting.  It's looking really good, but unfortunately, it's NOT as frugal or as green as I normally would like.  That said, my contractor and his crew have been great about recycling.  We had a bunch of unused building materials down there, and they are using it.  They have even been using the grey water our of our dehumidifier! Unfortunately, construction is not generally green, unless you pay a LOT of money to someone who is LEED certified.  We just don't have that kind of money, so we do the best we can.

If we are lucky, we will be able to move in in two or three weeks and hopefully bring Mom home shortly after that.  The main thing holding us up right now is the flooring.

Thanks for reading!

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