Saturday, October 17, 2015

On the Road

"Lines" (c) Jennifer L. Moore.  Prints are available for sale.
We're on the road!  Finally, we have gotten a well-earned break and are on our way to visit my partner's family in Vermont. All of my responsibilities have been delegated, we have hired sitters for our pets, and off we go!

I admit I have a hard time relaxing, but I'll get there.  I feel pretty good this morning. It's a crisp, sunny morning in New Jersey, and I'm well rested.  I did bring some of my work with me, but that's because I enjoy what I do, and both clients are very flexible.

My guy's family is very laid back.  No one changes their schedule to be with us, but we coordinate so that we visit when people have the most time off lined up.  They show us all of the really cool things around where they are living, we visit and hang out, and we just generally  unwind.  Sadly, we only get to do this once a year, but I'll take it!


We're using a new pet sitting service for the cats, since we have moved.  I was very, very nervous about this, but once we met the three people who will be taking turns looking in on them, I felt fine about it. They are very nice people, and the company has been around for a good while. It was cinched when one of them called me as we got to the hotel last night and told me that she had just sat on the floor and talked to them, and most of them had wandered up to talk to her, and that she was able to medicate one of them with no problem at all.  I think we've found our sitters-for-life!


Even though we are on the road, we "Alleyans" ("Sagers?") are still trying to be frugal and minimize our footprint.  We pack our own food into a cooler to avoid eating out and to make it easier for us to remain vegan and to not have to compromise (more on that in another post.) It also keeps our costs down.  For washing dishes--because we bring our own on the road--I brought an Earth-friendly camping soap, and we always carry Dr. Bronner's with us. Even though hotel soaps always smell really nice, I'd rather try and stop polluting.

Though our family currently has three cars (two of them are Mom's) and two of them are gas-efficient, we always bring the Mini.  We got from WV to NJ on about 1/3 tank of gas.  We will fill up once, and that gas will probably last us for most of our visit to the family. 


My job situation has not changed.  I am still freelancing, we now have renters, and I just got a referral check from my realtor (a nice surprise!)  I do still draw unemployment, but I will probably drop it in November, once the renters are settled in. I have no desire to look for a conventional job.  Not only that, but one of my mom's care agencies will pay me to take shifts caring for her (non-medical.)  It does not pay a lot, but with all of my income sources, even though they will be choppy at times, I think I will be OK.  Later on down the road, I may try to pick up part time temp work, but the agencies don't seem to keep much part time work on their books. All I know is I do not want a boss or coworkers any more.  Been there, done that, and it stunk!  I never say "never," though.


Just wanted to check in.  There will be more later, I have no doubt!  For now, I'm going to get back to this thing they call R&R!

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