Sunday, December 6, 2015

Brick Dust: Don't Toss That; Motivation; Instagram

Don't pour that out!

My parents have always been "name brand" people.  Everything in their house is made by one of the Big Poisoners. While my partner is inclined to just throw everything out and start fresh with safer, less toxic options, and I'm inclined to take it in for toxic waste disposal, neither of those options is good or available to us.  While my previous county had a toxic waste collection option, where we are now does not.  Simply throwing these things into the garbage is not a good option, either, obviously.  We are in an area where most people are on wells, and it's mostly farmland out here.  My approach has been to simply try and use up what my parents have still lying around the house, and then replace things with better, greener options.

Recently, I finished up a tub of name brand wipes, but I found that there was about 1/2" of liquid left in the bottom.  (Luckily, I noticed before I put the tub into the recycling!) I definitely did not want to toss it with the liquid in it, and I did not want to pour it down the drain.  What I did instead was to get some of the smaller rags out of our rag basket and stuff them down in there to soak up the remaining liquid.  If they dry out, all I need to do is add water to revitalize them, and we're good to go.

This is always an option--both adding rags to a wipes tub with liquid left in it and adding water to dried out wipes to revitalize them and not waste them.  I have a dried up tub of cat wipes (hey--when you have senior pets, you learn not to be too proud to try whatever you can to keep their dignity intact!) They're a few years old.  They dried up only months after I got them.  Whenever I need one, I simply grab one of the dried out wipes and run some warm water over it.  They work perfectly fine, and I'm not wasting them or adding more toxins to the environment.

An added bonus is that these wipes are often strong enough that they can be washed and hung to dry and reused for quite a while.  I've added many to our rags stash. At the very least, they are good for the nastier, smellier messes.  At least if you just use them once for this and then toss them, you've given them one last use.  Every little bit helps!


I had told myself (and probably you, dear readers) that once we were settled in, I was going to get back into the habit of cooking wholesome meals at home, juicing, and refocusing on integrating raw foods into my diet. Well, we are settled, but I'm finding that my motivation has not returned yet.  I did get as far as to clip a couple of new recipes, which I will veganize, and even adding one of them to the monthly menu;  however, I have yet to buy the ingredients or decide when I will make this dish.  The last batch of fruits and veggies I bought for juicing ended up either getting eaten (not a bad outcome) or going bad. Ah, well.  Baby steps!


I'm aware that my posts have not been as exciting lately, but I've been telling the story of my new life in the country on Instagram! Give me a follow to get a peek into the simple life we are living here.  Granted, we have not completely unplugged; however, this is a whole different world from suburban Maryland, and I'm liking it!  All photos there so far have been taken with my phone.  I have not had time yet for shooting with my regular camera.

Here are a few recent shots.


As Autumn slows down to Winter, I hope that everyone is warm, safe, and happy!

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