Saturday, March 19, 2016

Recycle-It: Compost Bin

Our "new" compost bin.

Way back in the day, what is now our enclosed porch was a deck.  My parents had wonderful, luxurious deck furniture with thick cushions that could be removed and stored.  This was the storage locker for the cushions, and we used the heck out of it!

When they had the porch enclosed, the furniture no longer needed to be "de-cushioned," and we just never got around to getting rid of the bin. It has sat in the woods for years, holding bricks.  Just bricks.  (They were probably put in there to keep the cushions up off the floor of the container to keep them dry.

As my partner and I have been cleaning up the property, we've been finding new uses for a lot of things. Out where we live, recycling--beyond the traditional curbside stuff--is not an easy task. Reuse is usually the best and often the only way to recycle.  When he came to me with the idea of using this bin as our compost bin, I was thrilled!  We didn't need to do anything to it, except wire the doors shut.  We didn't need to drill holes for air, because air gets in through the crack between the doors, and we prop open the lid with scrap wood.  The prop for the lid still works, so we can open it up in order to turn the compost.  We've even reused the bricks for the fire pit we're building.

Best of all, it's very large, so we can compost everything from a teabag to larger yard waste!

We've been using our new compost bin for a few weeks now, and it seems to be working out just fine.  We'll know more in a few months.

Bottom line:  As you're doing your Spring cleaning--or any major cleaning out--take a second look at the items you're thinking about tossing.  You just may save space in the landfill--and a few bucks!

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