Monday, April 25, 2016

DIY: Fire Pit!

Every piece of rural property should have one!  Large or small, fancy or basic--a fire pit is a wonderful thing to have.  As  you can see from my photos, ours has already seen some use.  We've used it twice, so far, and it's lovely.

It does double and probably even triple duty for us.  We get to enjoy a nice, toasty fire while burning yard waste.  It's not a huge pit, but once the fire gets going, we can get rid of a lot of waste in a very short time, while enjoying the heat and the glow.

As always, this pit was made from reclaimed materials.  The bricks were inside of what is now our compost bin, and the larger, flat stones were pulled from the woods on our property by me and my partner. He built it, but I helped to pull it together.  It's a great feeling.

The three hooks are also reclaimed from my mother's gardening supplies.  They are metal, and they will be perfect for heating soup or a hot drink as we enjoy the fire.  It's a nice touch.

This space wasn't planned or designed.  We simply worked off the bare piece of ground that was the burn pile before we moved in.  It's not very big, and it's not very deep.  It's deep enough to keep things contained, including the heat.  Fires in that pit get very hot! It's big enough for a dozen or so people to gather around it, and it's small enough to keep things manageable. I think it is also big enough that we can get a grill for it and cook over the fire, if we choose to.  It's perfect for us. Best of all, it cost us nothing!

Of course, we are always mindful of burn bans in our area.  Whenever we think of having a fire, I check to see if there's a ban specific for that day.  The pit is not far from our neighbor's meadow, so I want to play it extra-safe!

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