Saturday, June 18, 2016

Link: The Rise Of Nonperfectionist Veganism

Today, I came accross a very good article on taking a balanced and objective approach to veganism and to sharing our experiences with others.  While it's true that the article is four years old, everything the author has to say is just as valid now as it was when she wrote it.

Her approach to veganism and vegan activism is the exact approach I try to take each and every day.  This does not by any means mean that I am perfect--the whole point of the article--just that I do my very best.  I firmly believe that our best is all that we can ever do.

Here's a quote from the article:

Questions of why people attempt veganism may, in the end, be far less important than why they attempt and fail, i.e., dietary recidivism. Erik Marcus discussed one tiny study on vegan recidivism on his late, great blog, but recidivism is a huge problem for all kinds of dieters. Search on “dietary recidivism” and you'll find that most experts believe it happens when people don't have a good plan, or enough support, or when the diet itself is rigid or extreme or deprivational. In other words: when they get perfectionist about it.


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