Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The P Word

My actual trash (I tried to hide the gross stuff!)

We buy stuff wrapped in plastic, and then we dispose of the plastic in plastic. Then, we dispose of all of that plastic in a hole in the ground, or a field, or whatever our local landfill consists of. Then, we despair over the loss of about 200 species per day.

We are no better, here at  Sage Alley.  I'm sorry to admit that my guy and I recently disposed of an embarrassing amount of plastic.  It started out as an experiment in DIY:  We would save up plastic bags, wraps, coverings, etc., and we would try and make something out of all of that plastic (after cleaning it, of course.)  We saved for a couple of months, and just never got around to doing anything about it. One day, in a fit of frustration, it got put out with our weekly trash.  We were both devastated.  I felt that we had failed.

We have decided to try a different approach:  We are simply trying to shop more consciously and to bring less plastic home to begin with. We also reuse what we can.  The occasional plastic shopping bag that comes home gets reused as a trash can liner and for cleaning the litter boxes.  (I'm also trying to get better at remembering to take a reusable bag with me when I know I need to run an errand!)

Any bag with a zip closure gets washed and reused for storage.  We reuse them until they wear out.  We also reuse plastic wrap--which I will no longer be buying when we run out.  I'm going to buy waxed paper or just use foil instead.  Now, there's a caveat to reusing plastic bags and wrap:  Sometimes, they can't be cleaned well enough to reuse.  There are some substances that don't come off easily or thoroughly, even with vinegar and/or a good soap.  You should use your best judgment and follow your intuition on this.  Since we are vegans, this is rarely a concern for us.  Also--and I probably don't have to say this--plastics used for non-food purposes should only be reused for non-food purposes.

We have two health food stores we frequent, both of which sell items in bulk.  Another step I am taking is to shop there for our dry goods.  We have a few plastic containers we have washed and saved for this purpose.  If we can't get there, we look for paper packaging, or we buy the item canned (beans.)  Growing our own food will also help with this.  I also may finally get off my you-know-what and learn to make my own pasta.  We get pasta in boxes; however, most of the time, the pasta is WRAPPED IN PLASTIC.  It's very frustrating.

I get dry dog food and cat litter in plastic bags.  Once those bags are emptied, they are the perfect size for our kitchen and workshop trash cans, so we recycle them once, for that.  We also use them as small drop cloths.  We figure if it's going in the trash eventually, we might as well use it as much as we can first.

Finally, we are working on learning to can, dehydrate, and freeze food on our own, so that we don't need to buy these items in plastic, either.  We probably will not eradicate plastic altogether, but I am confident we can greatly reduce it.  I'd love to hear from others who are trying to do this, as well.  What are some methods you are using?

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