Monday, February 6, 2017

Accepting What Is

It's February.  It should be a lot colder than it is.  The past three months should have been colder. It should be snowing.  I bought a snow plow, for goodness' sake! It feels too warm out.  I'm worried about the ecosystem.  I didn't get to play in the snow this year or watch the dogs do it.

These are the types of thoughts that have been running through my head this winter.  It's a little depressing that we have not had a normal winter (for our region.)  I hate the fact that we haven't had any measurable snow.  The snow plow is not a big deal, because it is something we have needed, because of where we live.  (This has been proven over and over in the past.)

A few weeks ago, I decided to just stop.  Stop lamenting over what winter is supposed to be and just accept what is.  I have been taking each day as it comes, and if it's a nice day--even if it's a nice day for April and not for January or February--enjoying the day for what it is.  We've been getting things done here at Sage Alley:  Gathering firewood for the cold, cold nights.  Replenishing the indoor wood pile.  Preparing to re-do the fencing around our garden.  Cleaning up the dog pen...Just whatever needs doing.  I've been going out with friends and having a good time, giving thanks for the fact that there was not ice on the road or snow to contend with on my long drive home from DC to West Virginia.  We've been opening the windows on especially warm days, even if just for a couple of hours, and airing the house out.

Lamenting or stressing over what should be drains our energy and keeps us from being productive, and if others are like I am, we later beat ourselves up over what we didn't get done.  I, for one, don't want to walk down that path anymore, so I'm not!

Happy Almost-Spring!

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