Sunday, March 19, 2017

Brick Dust: Late Winter/Early Spring


As of this writing, all of that lovely snow has melted, and we are officially in Spring.  This was the only "big" snow we got this year.  our Winter here in WV was unusually warm.  Scarily so, really.  This snow was 12", and we did get to try out our new plow!  Plowing was the easy part.  Getting the plow on and off the truck is another matter entirely! We only needed to plow, because my primary car, while it probably handles snow very well, rides very low to the ground, so I was concerned about getting stuck on our long driveway.  So that was fun.  Unfortunately, we are stuck with the plow on the truck a little while longer, because the truck's battery is dead.  Go figure.

My partner took full advantage of the unusually warm days and has completed our garden fence! It ended up looking almost exactly like the dog pen, and the garden is almost as big.  He is now in the process of moving some bushes from right around the house to the outer border of the garden.  We had a really bad deer problem last year, so we've been researching ways to deter them this year.  They did a lot of damage, despite the fence we had up and the cages we had around some of the plants. Aside from the thorny bushes he put there this week, we are also going to be putting in sage and marigolds, and we're planning to move a very large rose bush from the same area next to the house out to the outer border of the garden. Seems the deer are getting more determined each year.

We currently have seeds started all over the first floor of our house. Thanks to the grow lights my partner has installed above our kitchen cabinets, I haven't had to turn a light on in the kitchen, for the most part, in weeks! So far, he has started tomatoes, peppers, and marigolds.  He's planning to start the tilling in the next few days, and planting, of course, will start soon after that.  Here's hoping it doesn't get cold again!

As for me, if I can help with the tilling, I will.  I'm not afraid of good, hard work.  The problem is that my fibromyalgia has gotten a little bit worse.  I may end up helping with lighter work, like the planting, caging, and things like that.  I have to take it day by day and week by week. That's just how things go sometimes!

On the inside of the house, we are starting to pick our redecorating projects back up.  I'm in the process of preparing the dining room for painting, and then we will be focusing on our kitchen.  We're doing all of the work ourselves, and we're making some pretty bold choices.  The kitchen, for instance, is going to be red! I mean, red-red.  We've tested the color we chose, and it will work.  It's just going to be kind of unusual.  I can't wait! The dining room is going to be gray, and the office and my temple are going to be a creamy off-white.  This will all take some time, but the nice thing about the process is it's also forcing me to do some massive decluttering.  I'm very excited to see what the house will look like when we are finished with it!

I think this is enough of an update for now, folks!  I will share some photos from around "The Alley" soon!

Happy Spring!


Jackie said...

Sounds as if you have a handle on getting your garden deer proof.

God bless.

JLynnPro said...

Thanks. We're getting there, I think!