Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Brick Dust: More Photos

I have been ill the past few weeks, so I have not felt up to getting deeply into any particular subject.  Sharing photos is an easy way to keep in touch and give people a taste of what life is like here at Sage Alley.  I hope you enjoy them!

Just a quick note:  I have been working on a post regarding a very important topic. I'm nearly finished; however, I am unable to share it for a few more weeks, due to the sensitivity of this particular subject.  It should be an interesting read, and--I hope--educational! Stay tuned!


Now, on to the photos!

Peonies!  Seems to me like they bloomed early. It is also unseasonably cold right now, so I wanted to cut some before the cold kills them.  These were planted by my mom, and they make me think of her, always.  I like to always have a few in the house while they are in bloom.  (Never take all of the blooms, however!)
(That is not actually a bucket of cat litter in the corner of the photo!  LOL! It is potting soil.)

This is a view of the driveway as you head out.  The day I took this, my partner and his friend were felling a tree!  I was on my way down to check on their progress and help them load up the wood.  They didn't end up needing my help, but I always like to make myself available, when I'm feeling well enough.

The honeysuckle are also blooming early!  I have no objections, however.  :)


I hope you've enjoyed my photos today!  I'll be back soon with some actual updates!


Jackie said...

Your peonies are lovely.

God bless.

JLynnPro said...

Thank you!